Meet Basse Krokke, the Worst Person on Facebook

Bevvie ” Bassee Krokke” Hedstrom…her hobbies include licking her fingers,

H.B.I.C. of Basse Posse

H.B.I.C. of Basse Posse

andStarting Lame-Ass Facebook pages for her and her pathetic “Posse” to bitch endlessly qbout other FB pages they disagree with. Also, they adore Psycho Murderer Jodi Arias, mostly because they find her irresistible, and would LOVE to have conjugal visits with her. Also, they spew hate and bile nagainst the Alexanders who have been through hell. Her pages include : Basse Posse II, jaiab SUX ass, inconvenient garbage, and bevvie bevvie. If you come across one of her sites, be sure to let her know how much she sucks.


2 thoughts on “Meet Basse Krokke, the Worst Person on Facebook

  1. She has a page Bassee Posse 2 which looks exactly like JAIAB Sux I cannot stand this woman she is a vile bitch. Someone posted a police report about her on JAIAB Sux calling her the dead beat mom of the year.

  2. I wish she would give it up already the hated she is spewing needs end. Doesn’t she have a son to raise? Shouldn’t that be taking most of her time not these stupid face book pages?

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