Meet Basse Krokke, the Worst Person on Facebook

Bevvie ” Bassee Krokke” Hedstrom…her hobbies include licking her fingers,

H.B.I.C. of Basse Posse

H.B.I.C. of Basse Posse

andStarting Lame-Ass Facebook pages for her and her pathetic “Posse” to bitch endlessly qbout other FB pages they disagree with. Also, they adore Psycho Murderer Jodi Arias, mostly because they find her irresistible, and would LOVE to have conjugal visits with her. Also, they spew hate and bile nagainst the Alexanders who have been through hell. Her pages include : Basse Posse II, jaiab SUX ass, inconvenient garbage, and bevvie bevvie. If you come across one of her sites, be sure to let her know how much she sucks.


Liscensed Psychiatrist and Certified Hottie Dr. Janeen Demarte. She diagnosed Jodi Arias with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have diagnosed her with Sex Kitten Syndrome. …Meee-oww!!!!!images-14

The Hysterical Ladies Network and Jodi Arias

images-25The Jodi Arias saga continues.She was found guilty on May 8. Some believe, However that she was innocent because she only killed Travis Alexander because he threatened to kill her for dropping his camera. Still, many others believe she should be run over by a cement truck and her flattened carcass fed to feral dogs.

We were all entertained by the days and days testimony from Jodi, answering question after question along the lines of ” And Jodi, what happened after he ejaculated in your mouth” from Corpulent defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi. This followed by the evisceration of the defendant by Rabid Pitbull prosecutor, Juan Martinez. Each night, Queen of Indignation Nancy Grace would fawn over JM’s latest attack on Arias’ inconsistencies, shouting for death like the crowds in the Roman Coliseum demanding the defeated Gladiator be put out of their misery to slake their dire thirst for blood.

Anyway, I believe she was guilty, and the jury got it right. Should AZ continue persueing the Death penalty against Jodi. Please leave your thoughts. Thanx